Crochet rugs!

I had some old handspun wool (smelled totally like sheep) and I did not know what to do about it. So I just had it in my stash for quite some years. Then I came over a easy pattern for a crochetrug. And why not? The yarn was just lying there.. I can guarantee it was calling my name.


Not the best photo, but it gave me a chance to show off my amazing knitted socks. I`m not a good knitter, but luckily for me, there are lots of talented knitters! ❤ I absolutely love them. Both my socks and all the knitters!


I used double thread and a eu size 15 hook.

I was quite pleased with the result and my hands were super soft when I was done. Found the pattern on Pinterest. The picture is copyrighted, but I could not find the web page mentioned in the link. So im posting it here because it was so brilliant. To brilliant not to share. Hopefully the designer will forgive me.


And then I really got into these qute rugs. A local yarn shop was closing and sold out a lot of yarn. Supercheap. So of course, I went a bit crazy. Like a kid in the candy store.


I was planning to sell the rug, but I kinda fell in love with it. So it has its place in my youngest room.. Its supersoft to walk on. Its 100% wool and I used triple thread and the same hook as above. And the rug can be a bit slippery against the painted wood floor. So a neat tip to that is Mr. Gluegun. Just dot glue on, let it dry and voila. Your own anti slip. You can even get a bit creative and make glue flowers, glue hearts etc under the rug. Found the pattern here!


Her room looks really tidy here, but thats because all her toys are in the livingroom. 😀 When she gets older it will probarbly look the same way as her brother and sisters does. 😀

I wish you all a wonderul evening!


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