Scaapi cowl!

Scaapi cowl
Scaapi cowl

Beautiful May! I was so lucky to recieve a box of possibilities from the lovely Michelle over at Scaapi. And there was some gorgeous South African yarn from Vinnis colours, called Bambi. A cotton-bamboo blend! So super soft! and the colors reminded me of a beautiful spring day. I was so inspired by the softness in this yarn,  and the Scaapi Cowl was created. Perfect for spring days and chilly summer evenings. With a few changes, you can easy make a gorgeous shawl or scarf. For the shawl, just rearrange the motifs as a triangle. I will post the drawing for the joining in the bottom. And the hand written diagram for the motifs.

The pattern is written in U.S. terms and I used a 4 mm hook.

This is the child size of the cowl. You will need 8 big motifs and 4 small (2 tall, 4 wide).  For the lager cowl, you will need 15 big motifs and 10 small  (3 tall, 5 wide).

A small tip is to finish round 1-6 on all your big motifs. Use the Pic 1 to see how to join the motifs as you go. You can also sew the motifs together in the picots, if you find the joining difficult.


Ch- chain

ss- slip stitch

sc- single crohet

hdc- half double crochet

3dcc- 3 double crochet cluster

Picot- ch 3 and make a ss in the ch


Big motif:

  1. Chain 4 and form to a ring with a ss, ch 1
  2. Sc 8 into the ring, fasten with a ss in your ch 1
  3. In any sc, fasten yarn with a ss and make your first 3dcc, *ch2, 3dcc in the next sc*. Continue ** round out. You will have 8 3dcc with a 2 ch space between. Cut and fasten yarn.
  4. In any ch space, fasten yarn with a ss and ch 2 (first hdc). In the same ch space, one more hdc, ch 1, 2 hdc *ch1, next ch space, 2hdc, ch2, 2hdc*. Continue ** round out and fasten with a ss in the top of the ch2 you started out with. 16 (2hdc) with a ch 1 space between.
  5. In any ch 1 space, fasten yarn with a ss and ch 4 (a hdc and a ch2), a hdc in he next ch space. *ch 2, hdc in the next ch 1 space*. Continue ** round out. 16 hdc with a ch 2 space between.

       Fasten with a ss in the 2 ch you started out with, ch 1

  1. Sc 3 in the first ch space, *sc 3 in the next ch space*. Continue ** round out. Fasten with a ss int the ch 1 you started out with.Cut and fasten yarn.
  2. In the second sc from your previos round, fasten yarn with a ss and ch2 (first hdc), *ch 3, skip 2 sc, hdc in next*. Continue ** round out. Fasten with a ss in the top of your 2ch you started out with. Ch, 1 Don’t cut the yarn
  3. In the next chain space, *sc 3, picot, sc3* Continue ** round out.
Diagram big motif
Diagram big motif

For the small motifs, Use round 1-3 from the big motif,  And round 4 is almost the same. Just skip the ch 1 before you start your 2 hdc in  the next ch space.


If you have any questions feel free to send me an email at And if you make this and share it on Instagram, please use the #scaapicowl or #maritparit! I would love to se your creations!

Lots of love,

Marit xX


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